Cumberland Astronomy Club


Club Information

Meetings are held 7:30pm on the third Friday of each month, usually at the La Vale Public Library. Occasional meetings are held at the Frostburg State University Planetarium.

All meetings and events are open to the public, unless otherwise posted. To contact the club for more information:

2018-19 Club Officers

President/Treasurer/Astronomical League Coordinator

Steve Vincent


Craig Coleman


David Burcaw

Meeting Information

Next Meeting:

January 16, 2019, 7:30 PM

At the La Vale Public Library


How to prepare for the January 20–21 — Total Lunar Eclipse

Future Meetings:

February 15, 2019, 7:30PM



Club meetings are open to the public.

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Upcoming Events:

January 20, 2019 (FYI – not an organized event)

Total Lunar Eclipse, this should be a great TLE with totality lasting 1 hour 2 minutes. We have not had as good of a TLE since 1797.

Unlike a Total Solar Eclipse, the Moon will still be visible. Even though the Earth's shadow will be across the Moon. Sun light will be refracted around the Earth as it passes through the Atmosphere casting an eerie light on the Moon.

penumbra begins at 9:36PM (Earth Atmosphere distortion on Moon)

umbra begins at 10:34PM (Earth shadow starts to cross the Moon)

Totality Time 11:41PM - 12:43PM

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Check for Events at:

FSU Public Show Schedule

After the Science Saturday Planetarium Show the club sometimes will assist with pointing out features in the night sky and with viewing with some of the university’s telescopes, weather permitting.

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